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  1. There are no preferred lies on fairway. Play the ball as it lies. Preferred lies may be introduced for limited periods at the discretion of the Committee, please refer to “Temporary Local Rules” as necessary.

  2. Penalty areas are defined by red pegs/lines.

  3. “Ground Under Repair” is defined by white paint markings, white pegs or signs. Relief must be taken from these areas. Relief to be taken as per Rule 16-1b of “The Rules of Golf”.
    • The turf nursery on the left hand side of hole No. 16 is deemed by the Committee to be “Ground Under Repair” and is marked by relevant signage.

  4. Sand buckets must be carried and divot holes must be filled with sand. Do not replace grass into divot.

  5. Areas deemed to be “Out of Bounds” by the Committee are:
    • The driving range as marked by white-topped pegs.
    • The water storage dam on the left hand side of hole No. 16 as marked by relevant signage.

  6. If a player’s ball lies in a washaway in a bunker or the washaway in the bunker interferes with a player’s stance or area of intended swing, the player may take relief as per Rule 16-1c of “The Rules of Golf”.

  7. Kangaroo prints in bunkers. If a ball lies in a print, hole or other mark made by a kangaroo (or wallaby) in a bunker, relief may be taken without penalty in accordance with Rule 16-1c. Consultation with your marker must be made to determine whether the print, hole or mark is indeed that made by a kangaroo (or wallaby). Failure to consult your marker prior to taking relief may result in a penalty of two (2) strokes (breach of local rule). Relief is available for interference by the condition to the lie of the ball or area of intended swing only and interference to the players stance. By this condition is not, of itself interference under this “local rule” and relief is not permitted. Relief must be taken, by dropping the ball within 1 club length of the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole and within the bunker, as outlined in rule 16-1c. Rule 16-1c allows for relief to be taken outside the bunker under the penalty of (1) stroke.

  8. Drop zones behind holes No. 2 and No. 10 greens are marked with white paint and/or white pegs and designated “DZ”. All players may use these drop zones if their ball is known or it is virtually certain that it has entered the hazard behind holes No. 2 or No. 10 greens. Relief to be taken under the penalty of one (1) stroke. The purpose of these drop zones is to remove the uncertainty of where to take relief from these particular hazards as provided by rule 17-1 of “The Rules of Golf”.

Match Committee

General Principles

There are three important principles to remember when playing golf:

  • Play the course as you find it.
  • Play the ball as it lies.
  • And if you can't do either, do what's fair.